Pueblos Magicos

 Magical Village – Pueblo Magico — There could not be a truer statement to describe this sweet oasis settlement which is nestled between the Sierra de Laguna mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. There is a certain draw that leads prospective residents to this area and captivates them into leaving behind their high-profile life-styles and residing here full or part-time.    

A strangely simple lifestyle, incorporating clean air, clean water, organic produce fields, fresh seafood and a palm oasis boasting a plentitude of fresh water is alluring to even the most weary urban visitor. This slower pace is akin to a time warp transporting one back to the mid 1950’s. This perfect location is just one hour drive from either La Paz (due north) or Cabo San Lucas (due south).

A four-lane expressway ius currently near competition between La Paz and Todos Santos. It will continue on to Cabo San Lucas in the next phase, making the road trip very manageable. Large shopping complexes including Costco, Home Depot, Wal-Mart Cityclub and multiple movie cineplexes are just a short 60-minute drive away.

Numerous restaurants sporting international cuisine dot the hills and valleys of the historic district of town. All within walking distance. Whether you prefer an authentic Italian restaurant housed in a historic building that is reminiscent of Tuscany or a five star restaurant serving international cuisine just steps from the mighty Pacific where you can view the gray whales on their annual migration during lunch… Todos Santos offers this variety and more.

Among the choices are Korean, Japanese, Seafood, Italian, Mexican and American. Don’t forget the many “Mom and Pop” taco stands that tantalize your sense as you walk past. Todos Santos is blessed with very clean and safe street food. try it!!

The many art galleries, unique Mexican craft stores and kiosks, the bookstore and gourmet ice cream shop can fill the day with fascinating kaleidoscope of purchases. The beaches are long stretches of white sand with very few beach goers partaking of the expansive blue Pacific panorama.

The path of the Gray Whale migration adds to the viewing diversity from November until April each year. Plant your umbrella and enjoy a lazy day of stress-free relaxation.

Todos Santos Mission

Todos Santos is situated 50 miles south of La Paz and 46 miles north of Cabo San Lucas at the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna. The town looks to the Pacific Ocean among the greens of the rich farm crops, the palm groves, the mango and avocado trees and the canebrakes of the Valle del Pilar. Todos Santos was established as the site of the mission of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de La Paz, by father Jaime Bravo in 1723. It reached the status of mission with the name of Santa Rosa de Todos Santos, in honor of its benefactor, dona Rosa de la Pena.